The Many Benefits of Using Orthokeratology (OrthoK) Lenses

The Many Benefits of Using Orthokeratology (OrthoK) LensesOrtho-k provides a revolutionary way to deal with vision loss due to refractive errors and corneal irregularity. These lenses allow the wearer to have clear vision throughout the day without needing to worry about eyeglasses or lenses as they go about their daily routine. Users simply wear their lenses while they sleep, and then remove them during the day while maintaining crisp vision. Even those who have been wearing glasses or daily lenses for years benefit from this method of vision correction.

The Benefits of Ortho-k

Ortho-k patients receive a variety of benefits which make these lenses superior to other vision correction solutions. Listed below are just some of the ways in which Ortho-k can help you!

  • These lenses are created using a precise mapping technology that ensures they will be fitted specifically to your eyes. The individualized nature makes them especially reliable and also increases their comfort.
  • These lenses correct refractive errors overnight. They reshape the corneas to allow you to see clearly throughout the day without the need for cumbersome glasses or contacts.
  • The effects last all day, so you can see clearly as you go about your daily routine. Just wear them at night and you’re good to go!
  • Ortho-k provides a non-surgical method of vision correction. This makes it great for patients who are reluctant to get surgery or who are not candidates. The non-invasive nature makes it an appealing option for many patients.
  • Kids benefit greatly from Ortho-k. These lenses suppress eye growth and slow down or even halt the progression of myopia. They provide an alternative solution for vision correction to those who are too young to receive eye surgery.
  • Most people can use Ortho-k. As stated above, kids and those who are not eligible for other solutions benefit from Ortho-k.
  • The technology has expanded to be able to treat a variety of vision conditions. These include farsightedness, presbyopia, and astigmatism.
  • Improved safety and eye health. As long as you take care of your lenses, (check out our blog How to Take Care of Your Ortho-K Lenses they are safe and more comfortable than other options. The improved technology and fit provide little concern for eye health.
  • With Ortho-k, patients’ vision often becomes better than it would be with glasses.
  • These lenses are great for patients who need vision correction but who have difficulty with wearing glasses or traditional daily contact lenses. For people such as athletes, or those who work in a dusty or overly dry environment, Ortho-k makes all the difference!

The multitude of benefits that Ortho-k lenses provide make them a clear choice for those who need vision correction. If these lenses seem like a good fit for you, we are happy to schedule an consultation. Call us today at (435) 704-2020 or book an appointment online now!

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