How to Take Care of Your Ortho-K Lenses

How to Take Care of Your Ortho-K LensesOrtho-k is a safe and reversible method of vision correction. The lenses which you wear are custom-fitted to you and your eyes. Because they are made just for you, they are not disposable or daily lenses. Therefore, it is important that you take the steps necessary to properly care for your Ortho-k lenses.

One of the many benefits of Ortho-k is that you don’t have to wear any sort of corrective vision equipment during the day. The lenses are meant to be worn at night so that they can reshape your eyes as you sleep. However, because they are worn every night, improper care can cause them to become less effective or even lead to an eye injury or infection.

How Should I Properly Care for My Lenses?

Following the steps below will ensure that your lenses will be clean and well-cared for.

    1. Thoroughly wash your hands with warm water before touching your eyes or handling your Ortho-k lenses.

    2. Dry your hands with a lint-free towel. Small particles, if they are able to get underneath the lenses or even just in your eyes, can damage the eye’s surface and lead to eye injuries and infections.

    3. Remove your lenses while sitting in a comfortable location with a lint-free cloth. Avoid standing up or leaning over a sink while you do this; it’s best to be stable and still while you handle your lenses and touch your eyes.

    4. Bathrooms contain more germs than any other room in the house, so try to find a more sanitary location where you can handle and care for your lenses.

    5. Regularly inspect your lenses for scratches, chips, and cracks, as these can not only injure your eye, but they also provide a place for bacteria to grow in. Always have clean hands when you handle your lenses. Be sure to remove all lotions from your hands, and any eye cream or makeup residue from your eye area prior to removing or inserting your lenses.

How to Insert and Remove Your Ortho-K lenses

After cleaning and drying your hands, remove your lenses from the case and rinse them with saline. Then, place 1-2 drops of lubricating eye drops into the back of the lens. Place the lens directly onto the colored part of your eye, in a face-down position. It’s a good idea to insert the left and right lenses in the same order every time to avoid confusion. Then dry off your lens case and leave it open to air dry.

When it’s time to take out your lenses, be sure to thoroughly clean your hands yet again. There are two different methods which you can use to remove your lenses. However, the manual method is preferred. To manually remove your lenses, open your eyelids wide. Then apply pressure to the lid margins, pushing them together to move your lids under the lens and to lever it out of the eye.

To remove the lens using a suction tool, first use your middle fingers to open your eyelids wide. Then, align the suction cup so that it is in front of the lens. Apply some pressure when the tool touches the lens to remove it from your eye.

Keep Your Lenses Clean!

Clean your lenses after each wear. Ask us about the proper cleaning solutions and materials to use when taking care of your Ortho-k lenses. There are various types of materials used for cleaning lenses. Regardless of the type you use, it’s important to closely follow the instructions and to treat your lenses with care.

You should not experience any severe pain when you wear your lenses, however, some discomfort is normal upon first use. If you have any questions about wearing your lenses or about how to take care of your lenses, we are happy to help you. Schedule your appointment at Ortho K Plus today!

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