OrthoK, or Orthokeratology, is a type of treatment using specialty contact lenses that you sleep in for two great benefits:

1. Correct the vision – See clearly all day without glasses or contacts
2. Prevent myopia progression – Proven effective to slow down and some cases stop your presciption from getting stronger every year.

OrthoK works by using specialty contacts lenses that gently shape the surface of the eye while you sleep. When you wake up, remove the contacts for clear vision all day.

OrthoK is approved by the FDA for ALL ages. It is considered as an option at the age of 6 years and older. Both kids and adults can benefit from OrthoK.

Ideal candidates:
Myopia from -1.00 to -6.00
Astigmatism less than -2.00
Glasses prescription getting stronger each year
Active lifestyle
Dry eyes or allergies
Parents have high prescriptions
Alternative to LASIK

OrthoK can correct from +10.00 to -10.00, however each person must be evaluated at free consultation to determine if OrthoK would be a good option. There are some prescriptions that OrthoK cannot correct. Individual results may vary.

OrthoK has been FDA approved for all ages since 2002 and has been around since the 1960’s. Over time the contact lens materials and designs have improved and in the last couple decades to be both accurate and safe for night time contacts. All the contact lens materials used at OrthoK PLUS are approved for sleeping in.

You will see results even after one night of OrthoK. Depending on the power of your prescription you will start seeing great all day anywhere from 1 night of wear up to 2 weeks of wearing them. (The higher the prescription the longer it may take for you to see great all day)

Ortho K is NOT permanent vision correction. You will have clear vision during the day as long as you are wearing the OrthoK lenses at night. This treatment is completely reversible, if you are not happy with your vision at any point you can stop wearing the lenses at night time and your vision will return to wear you started.

As long as you wear the contacts at night time you will have clear vision during the day. Plus, most people will not need to wear the lenses every night as you wear them longer with time. After six months to one year of use, most people will only need to wear the contacts every other night or sometimes once every three nights.

The costs may vary depending on the complexity and the duration of treament. To best understand the costs they will be discussed at the time of the free consultation. Generally it costs about half the price of LASIK to get started.
Unfortunately, similar to LASIK, insurance does not cover OrthoK.

Generally the lenses should be replaced every year to 2 years, however depending on factors such as lens care, protein build up, and vision changing they may need to be changed sooner. At OrthoK Plus you will be given new OrthoK lenses every year.

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