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Keratoconus may prevent you from having Lasik, but orthoK may be the answer to your freedom from glasses and contacts during the day.

What is Keratoconus?


Keratoconus is a progressive condition that affects the cornea (the clear surface of the eye). The normal round surface becomes irregular and develops a cone shape. “kerato” refers to to cornea and “conus” refers to cone-shaped.

It is thought the cause of keratoconus is due to an imbalance of enzymes in the cornea that causes the cornea to become weaker.

Keratoconus is known to be associated with excessive rubbing the eyes, over exposure to ultra violet rays from the sun, and may have a genetic component.

Keratoconus Treatments


Keratoconus is progressive condition that can get worse with time. The FDA has recently approved a treatment to help strengthen the cornea and slow down the progression called corneal crosslinking. Corneal crosslinking uses a B vitamin (riboflavin) that is placed on the corneal surface and activated by UV light to strengthen the cornea.

Having keratoconus will disqualify you from having Lasik for vision correction, but with with mild to moderate keratoconus there may be another option to free yourself from glasses and contacts during the day. OrthoK is a way to correct the vision using nighttime contacts for freedom from glasses and contacts during the day. OrthoK is a non-surgical treatment that will gently shape the cornea while you sleep so you have clear vision without glasses or daytime contacts.

Moderate to Severe keratoconus most often will need to use specialty contact lenses to achieve the best vision. Gas permeable, hybrid lenses, and scleral lenses are a few of the specialty lenses often used to have the best vision.

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