The Benefits of Ortho-K Contact Lenses

The idea of wearing contact lenses at night may sound like a mistake, but what if those overnight lenses were actually working to improve your natural eyesight? Welcome to the world of orthokeratology, also known as ortho-k. Utilizing this technology, our eye doctor works with patients across the South Jordan area to help them gain better vision without undergoing surgery. Are these innovative lenses right for you? Our team at OrthoK Plus would like to look at some of the benefits of ortho-k lenses.

 The benefits of Ortho-K contact lenses

Orthokeratology is Non-Surgical

Most vision issues are caused by irregular shaping of the cornea. Ortho-k contacts work by gently reshaping your corneas to fit the semi-rigid shape of the lenses. Your eyes then retain this shape for the day without having the lenses in, giving you improved vision. Ortho-k is a painless, non-invasive form of corrective vision treatment.

Ortho-K Lenses Work on Your Schedule

Many people feel they have no feasible options for long-term corrected vision other than wearing regular contact lenses or glasses. Many candidates for vision corrective surgery avoid going through with it because they cannot afford to take the time off from work or have family responsibilities. Ortho-k lenses provide a convenient alternative that works gradually while you sleep, so they do not interfere with your everyday life. It is akin to putting in a mouthguard or a retainer before bedtime.

Avoid Wearing Corrective Lenses All Day

If you are among the millions of people wearing daily corrective lenses, you already know they come with a host of inconveniences. In addition to having to see an eye doctor more frequently, daily contacts or eyeglasses can inhibit your regular activities like sports and even enjoying TV. With ortho-k, however, there is no need to wear anything on your eyes during the day. With the hot and dry weather here in Utah, this is an exceptional benefit.

Your Eyes Can Improve Over Time

Every case is different, but it is worth pointing out that many people report significantly improved vision the first day after wearing their ortho-k lenses all night. While these results are temporary, one of the primary benefits of ortho-k is that repeated use can lead to long-term improvement. Ongoing use can also help delay the progression of cornea-related vision issues.

Orthokeratology Can Save You Money

Compared to surgical options or the need for multiple pairs of glasses over time, orthokeratology is a clear winner when it comes to saving money. Fewer prescriptions are needed as well. Even with regular use, most people find ortho-k lenses to be very cost-effective.

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